Life is Now! Our World has never been more chaotic and people are working more time for less and stressed to the max.

After witnessing 911 from the roof of my building where I was a sales executive in NYC, I spent thousands of days, hours and dollars to heal.


Discovering Access Bars has been a godsend and I am blessed to now work on offering others respite from anxiety, depression, PSTD, insomnia, eating disorders and other issues.


I've been a lifelong gardener and professional horticulturist since 2004 and specialize in medicinal herbs, edible flowers, native plants to bring butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, and birds.


I use sensory modalities to catapult people"s lives to work on dramatically expanding their consciousness so they can experience, happiness, good fortune, and success.


The Access Bars are packed by neuroscientific studies that show over an 80% success rate in reducing anxiety and depression. IT WORKS!


It's simple, effective and easy. Please call me for a session today! 614-506-5171



"I am a massage therapist and missionary...I practice multiple healing modalities over 4 decades...When I experienced the bars with Dyana I had few expectations that much would change...on the contrary, several outcomes have occurred in declaring the running of the now very much inspired by this technology."

-John Morris.


"Dyana has a gift! I didn't realize how stressed I was until we started the treatment. I immediately and quite noticeably felt more relaxed. I noticed that I was better able to feel connected within myself and relating to Dyana. This is my second treatment. The first time I noticed an immediate improvement in my ability to manage my schedule. I'm excited to see what improves with this second session."

-Leslie Attwooll.


Blessings of light & prosperity,






Michele Savaunah Zirkle, MA, PhD, is a published author, holistic energy practitioner, life coach and self-syndicated columnist. She is the author of Rain No Evil which sold over 2,000 copies in 2016 after interviewing on international radio program “Coast to Coast.” In addition to hosting “Life Speaks,” on Appalachian Independent Radio, Michele leads meditations and healing events at various venues, teaching and inspiring participants to live with passion and purpose.

Michele’s short stories have appeared in Mountain Ink Literary Journal and vignettes in The Journal of Health and Human Experience. She is a presenter at writing workshops for West Virginia Writer’s Inc. and Northern Appalachia Writer’s Conferences.

After teaching high school English for twenty years, Michele now enjoys sharing innovative ways to break through writing barriers and to live a creative life.

She is a graduate of Concord University, Marshall Graduate School and The Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science.

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