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crystal light therapy



By having a Crystal Light Bed Therapy Session, you are in fact having a Crystal Bath! In other words, you are bathing and cleansing your Chakras in Color & Crystal Healing Energy. Each crystal is made up of the color of your respective chakras, and are set on a special vibrational frequency to clean and balance your chakras. If your chakras aren’t in balance, it will cause an illness in your body. It’s also a great preventative modality and helps you balance your mind, body, soul & spirit.

The crystal beds lights glow in particular rhythms that help to cleanse, balance and align your natural energies.

enjoy the  benefits of:

  • The healing experience can occur on a number of different levels; spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical with many people who have had “Crystal Bed Healing sessions” have to report some of the following benefits:

  • An increase of definitions in the senses: Taste-food, sight-colors, touch-awareness

  • Feeling more energized: clear thoughts-ability to focus.

  • Feeling a deep relaxation: a connection to the earth and/or universe.

  • Feeling more at peace within themselves: a balance of the chakras

  • Feeling less stressed and an increased sense of overall wellbeing: increase in health

  • A deeper spiritual understanding of themselves and their life situations.

  • Gaining insights into their future life path and the evolution of the earth.

  • Gaining insights of the cause of disease states: looking inward into personal health

  • Receiving guidance as to how to best deal with their disease or problems.


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