We all learned in science class that copper is an excellent conductor of energy. So doesn’t it make sense that copper would conduct SPIRITUAL energy as well?

I love this small copper bowl (3” across = just the perfect size) to fill with my loose incense as an offering. It’s also perfect if you like to burn incense as a smudge. Or try filling with water and floating some loose incense... Or maybe recharge your bead bracelets in one? See? The possibilities are endless!

I also provide a little bag of sand, which OF COURSE has a story of its own... My great grandmother bought a house on the beach in the early 1900s. It passed to my grandmother, then my mother. My sister and I are now the caretakers. I like to call the sand I gather for you “divine feminine” sand...

NEVER leave any burning object unattended. Copper DOES become hot when used to burn so ALWAYS use extreme caution and place the bowl on a heat-proof surface if using to burn.

Copper Offering Bowl (smudge, incense)

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