The definition of “Spellbound” is to “hold the complete attention of someone as if by magic.”

That sums up how you might feel sinking into a bath filled with this pretty blend. Soothing. Softening. Comforting. Relaxing.

And as with ALL Enchanted Botanicals products, you KNOW the practical ALWAYS has a spiritual side... Each of the flowers and herbs was chosen for its ability to invoke that feeling of otherworldliness we seek in a bath. Whether for relaxation or ritual — this blend will help you feel just a bit more magical. And who doesn’t love a good fairy tale?

8 oz. of ahhhh presented in a French milk jar. A bamboo spoon is included as well as a re-usable gossamer bag. Just fill the bag (or use your own tea diffuser) and let it float in your warm bath water. (No need for clean-up after all your relaxy business is done...)

Organic Ingredients:
Pink Himalayan salt (ground and nuggets)
Coconut milk powder
Rose petals
Chamomile flowers
Calendula petals
Jasmine flowers
Lemon balm leaves
Lavender buds
Essential oils

Enchanted Botanicals Bath Elixer