Yes. Absolutely named for the song, "Dreamweaver." BUT... it also perfectly suits this magical salve.

Created for those who use (or WANT to use) their psychic and/or intuitive superpowers. Each herb and flower infused into this salve helps open and strengthen our natural abilities.

My favorite part? The slight scent of lilacs. The spirit of Lilac works with all of our chakras and helps us shift more easily between realms.

Cue the music, please.

Now for the how-to's: I like to dab on my brow (third-eye) chakra for intuitive work, at my temples for meditation, or on my palm chakras for oracle card or tarot work. But let YOUR intuition guide you on how you'd best benefit from Dreamweaver. Remember ... the magic is already within you.

Organic sweet almond oil
Organic herbs and flowers
Organic beeswax
Essential oils

1 oz of power in an amber glass jar.

Use caution when using this or any herbal product.

Do NOT ingest.

This product is not intended to replace medical advice or common sense. Use responsibly. For spiritual purposes. And with love.

Enchanted Botanicals Dream Weaver