I am an energetic "clean freak." Yes, I was (and some might say still am) that kid who didn't want anyone else to read my books or magazines before I did. I didn't know it then, but I was quite sensitive to subtle energies. Fast forward, and I'm immersed in the field of energy -- working with people, animals, and the land.

When I couldn't find just-the-thing to help with the sometimes gunky after-effects of energy work, I created my own. And THAT is where my High-Vibe Energy Clearing Soap comes in.

Moisturizing shea butter soap combines with pink Himalayan sea salt to clear and cleanse your body (physically and energetically). But, you KNOW me -- I'm also obsessed with making sure that when we clear a space (whether it's a room or ourselves), we MUST be super-intentional about what we fill that cleared space with. So I have added a touch of rose oil and a piece of polished rose quartz to hold you sacred after you clear.

But let's be clear (no pun intended). This is NOT a soap to use after a day in the garden or a trip to the gym. It IS what you'll need to PREpare and REpair after ritual or ceremony, energy work, or a walk about the mall.

Gently glide it over your body with the intention (it's ALWAYS about intention) that any energy you've picked up that doesn't belong to you or doesn't serve your highest good, is cleared. I like to finish by using the "softer" side to glide over my chakras.

4 oz of power and love.

Enchanted Botanicals High-Vibe Energy Clearing Soap