Home should be our sanctuary, our nest, the place we sink in. But sometimes life (and other stuff) makes this a challenge. Think of this box as your spiritual housekeeper.

It contains everything you need to make a house your home (moving in somewhere new?). OR get it ready to be someone else's home (like staging the energy for a quick sale).

Life changes also require an energetic reset -- births, illness, arguments, loss. These are all big shifts and your home's energy needs to keep up and get clear.

The House Blessing Box contains a 4 oz. Sacred Space Candle, 2 oz. Clearing Spray, Purify Blessing Oil, three pieces of black tourmaline, and a rough rose quartz. Packaged in a sturdy white box. Instructions are included.

Makes the perfect housewarming gift, too!

Enchanted Botanicals HOME BLESSING BOX