Everything you need to get in touch with the angelic realm!

DASH OF ANGELS can be used as an incense...but I like to keep it in its pretty little vial. Place on your desk, your altar, beside your bed. A sweet reminder that you are loved and watched over.

Contains lavender, catmint, rose, buttercup, mugwort, and blue lace agate.

This little SHOT OF MAGIC is packed with just the right stuff...

Mugwort for protection and divination
A rose bud for those high-vibe feelings of love and self-love
A buttercup for connection to the archangels
A quartz crystal point for adding a little more power to your ceremony

This is just the thing for 2-3 magical workings. But remember...these products are NOT magic...YOU are the magic. But sometimes magic needs a place to start.


Enchanted Botanicals Shot of Magic