Uplifting Spray

We all have those moments (or days?) when we just feel blue, a little down, not like ourselves. Our inner sun doesn't shine as brightly as usual... When those times hit, reach for the UPLIFTING Spray.

Every essential oil in this blend, on its own, has the superpower to lighten the blahs. Imagine how powerful they are when combined!

It's OK to feel less than perky, but it's more fun not to.

4 oz. of "Yes, please" in an amber glass bottle. About 1,000 spritzes.

Absolutely DO NOT ingest. For external use only.

Clearing Spray

Where do I even START to describe how amazing / effective / fantastic the CLEARING SPRAY is??? Really.

When you need to push the “reset” button on your space (or maybe yourself), make this your GO TO solution!

As with all of my products, the proprietary formula has been gifted to me by Spirit. I combine organic essential oils with blessed water into a blend that not only smells divine, but works like magic to clear what needs clearing!

Think of it as smudge without the smoke or fuss.

Use it on yourself. Your room. Your work space. Your car. Anywhere you need an instant breath of fresh energy.

A couple of spritzes…deep breath…there. Doesn’t that feel better? It’s like chasing the psychic dust bunnies from the room.

4 oz of energetic dynamite in an amber glass bottle.

For external use only. Do NOT ingest.

Enchanted Botanicals Uplifting Spray