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Terms & Conditions


  • NO WATER PERMITTED IN THE CAVE (can melt the salt if spilled)

  • **TURN CELL PHONES OFF*** and place them in a locker.



Last Revised: April 8, 2021


If you have a specific medical condition or specific symptoms, halotherapy (salt therapy, which involves inhalation of micronized salt dispersed into the salt cave air) may not be recommended.


Visitors with severely altered pulmonary function should visit salt caves only with their health care provider's approval, due to the possible effects of heavy drainage and expectoration that such individuals may experience following halotherapy. Individuals with other conditions, including infectious diseases, should not receive halotherapy.


If you have any existing medical conditions, please discuss the appropriateness of receiving halotherapy with your health care provider before visiting this facility. Please note, halotherapy is not recommended for those with COPD at Stage 4 or higher.


Those with the following conditions should not receive halotherapy (please circle if you are experiencing):


  • Exacerbated chronic Bronchial and lung system diseases, Hemoptysis (coughing up sputum with blood) or those who are at risk for it, Active lung Tuberculosis, Emphysema, diffuse pulmonary fibrosis with symptoms of third-stage chronic pulmonary disease (if you have COPD, stage four or higher, halotherapy is not recommended; at stage three, please consult with your physician), acute or severe Disease of other systems or organs, unless these individuals have their physician’s approval, Unstable blood pressure – (not being currently monitored by a physician, or if you are not receiving medication to stabilize your blood pressure), Any form of Infectious or contagious diseases, including influenza (“flu”), cold or other viral diseases, Intoxication.


Please note, your halotherapy session will last 30-45 minutes. During this time you will be in an enclosed area and are asked not to leave unless you are feeling discomfort. Please visit the restroom before the session to minimize interruption of the session. Yet, should you feel any form of discomfort, including but not limited to increased coughing, eye or skin irritation or other effects of being in an enclosed space with dry salt particles circulating in the air, please leave the halotherapy room immediately and contact the manager on duty.


I understand that the salt therapy I receive from Tranquility Salt Cave, LLC is provided for relaxation and wellness support. If I experience any pain or discomfort during this session I will leave the salt cave and immediately inform the manager on duty. I further understand that halotherapy should not be construed as a substitute for professional health care; and that I should obtain the services of a physician or other qualified healthcare specialist for my healthcare needs. I acknowledge that employees/representatives of Tranquility Salt Cave, LLC are not qualified to diagnose, prescribe or treat any physical or mental illness and that nothing said in the course of my visit here should be construed as such. Because halotherapy should not be taken by individuals with certain medical conditions, I affirm that I have stated all my known medical conditions and answered all questions honestly. Also, I affirm that I do not have the conditions noted above that would make receiving halotherapy inappropriate. I agree to notify this establishment of any changes in my medical profile. I agree to the terms noted above and absolve Tranquility Salt Cave, LLC of any liability in regard to any reactions, real or perceived, that I may experience after receiving salt therapy at this facility.

The undersigned, on behalf of myself, also understands that in the aftermath of Covid-19 or any similar epidemic and/or pandemic that Tranquility Salt Cave, LLC may implement certain procedures that are in the best interest of the health and safety of its employees and clients and therefore agrees to follow such procedures and processes. The undersigned, on behalf of myself, agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Tranquility Salt Cave, LLC and its owners, employees, agents and/or Independent Contractors, harmless from and against any damages, expenses or claims arising out of or connected in any way to contraction of Covid-19 or any similar virus or illness due to shopping at the facility and/or participation in the Activities at Tranquility Salt Cave, LLC, or otherwise related to the business or my participation in the Activities of the business. 

Thank you,


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