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With Colleen Gallick

Colleen Gallick is a Columbus local who has been practicing yoga since 2011. A daily practice led her to her first teacher training in 2015 & she has since completed over 500 hours of training in power yoga, vinyasa yoga, yin & restorative yoga and meditation. Her classes are gentle yet dynamic and she always encourages a focus on breath & an attention on yourself and how to heal from the inside-out. Each of Colleen's classes are different with unique sequences and intentions that are accessible to any brand new or seasoned yogi.



Crystal Healing

30min ~ $39 | 60min ~ $70

Kat Ferensen is the creator behind CrystalKat, the umbrella under which she manifests magic through art and healing. A life long love of crystals and curiosity for alternative methods of healing have brought this Columbus, OH native to her current path as a jewelry maker and crystal healing practitioner. She also enjoys offering relaxation and healing through reiki and aromatouch, a technique using essential oils and light touch. Kat finds great joy in making intentional wearable art through the forming of metal and creating with crystals. She believes crystals hold different energetic properties that can assist in healing, manifestation, meditation, and daily life. Her mission is to help share knowledge and healing to those open to the magic of crystals.

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reiki master


Cynthia Neubert is a Master Reiki, Crystal Healing, Plant Spirit Reiki and Access

Bars Practitioner located in Dublin, Ohio. She is also certified in Foot Reflexology,

Ayurvedic Facelift and Indian Head Massage. Cynthia has extensive training in all

levels of Reiki, along with crystals, sound therapy, and essential oils to open and balance the chakras. She has attended numerous holistic treatment classes in Sedona, Arizona, and thoughtfully applies those useful skills in her healing treatments. Cynthia has a unique healing approach, she believes through extensive discussion and getting to the root cause of one's life decisions is truly the starting point in the healing process.


The signature service at Kenchuto Healing - the Transformative Walk In Nature, Reiki & Crystal Healing, and Access Bars Session - is a truly unique experience. Additionally, Cynthia designed a beautiful and natural energy healing treatment using plants and forages bark, leaves, nuts, and flowers from the wooded area around Kenchuto Healing to use in the session. Her long history of wanting to help others heal comes from an extensive background in healthcare and

being a mentor for many years with Dress for Success. With all things in life, having an open mind will allow the body's energy centers to receive, balance, align and heal.

• Reiki I, II, and Master Certification, Holistic Wellness Careers. The Reiki Center.

• Access Bars Consciousness Practitioner Certification, The Reiki Center.

• Reflexology, Ayurvedic Facelift, Indian Head Massage training, and certification,

Holistic Wellness Careers.

• Owner, Kenchuto Healing

• Degree in Healthcare Administration, The Ohio State University

• COO and Co-Founder of My Psychiatric Partner, LLC

• Mentor, Dress for Succes


Psychic. Visionary. Teacher.

Prices vary- call for more information

Dawn Thompson is a psychic, mystic, teacher and momma. She is the founder of the New Era Academy that empowers woman to level up in life. She is also the creator of the New Era Awakenings podcast. Psychic readings and intuitive counsel are her daily grind. Check her out here at the salt cave or at

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Sound therapy

Prices vary- call for more information

My name is Michele Robison and my sound therapy journey began with 1 little singing bowl I used personally for meditation. The calmness it promoted led me to do some research on the profound benefits of sound and vibration on the human body. I educated myself by reading everything I could on the subject and eventually took a course through the Vibrational Sound Association in Detroit Michigan where I earned my certification as a Vibrational Sound Therapist (VST). There I learned extensive information and multiple techniques on how to use sound and vibration from the Tibetan singing bowls directly on or around the body. 


Raindrop technique

Prices vary- call for more information

Jackie Marofsky, LMT is happy to offer you an extremely relaxing and healing Raindrop session. People would agree that massage is soothing, relaxing, and amazing. But Raindrop Technique is unquestionably far superior as it combines essential oils with special massage techniques to add greater therapeutic benefits to an incredible technique. Anyone who has experienced Raindrop Technique is very quick to get on the massage table again to enjoy and discover new benefits of this most remarkable application of essential oils. Raindrop Technique is one of the safest, noninvasive regimens available for spinal health. Schedule yours today and experience what essential oils and massage can do for you!!


intuitive readings & massages

Prices vary- call for more information

My name is Brenda Hanyak I have been a massage therapist for 12 years and have skills including hot stone cupping aromatherapy reiki and intuitive readings My intuitive readings are brought to me thru my spirits and my spirit guides. I am an empath and medium. I receive my information thru spirit and the. Energies around the person I am reading for.  As a young child, I was very sensitive and able to sense people's feelings and those around them. I have professionally reading for about 6 years. My passion is to help others not only physically but spiritually also to improve their lives.

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Prices vary- call for more information

My name is RiChawn and I am a Reiki Master Energy Healing Practitioner. I have known my purpose on this earth is one of a healing nature. From pre-med biology to nursing to psychology majors — nothing has been more fulfilling than becoming a Reiki Master. 


My eagerness to help others become mindful of their inherent healing powers has now come to fruition. It is my pleasure to be a conduit of the Creator’s power as you heal your energy from within. 


I am a sponge constantly learning how to improve these skills everyday.


Spiritual Counselor

Prices vary- call for more information

Awakenings with Spiritual Counselor Beverlee Sokol. Living your best life with less worry and more happiness! Bringing joy and peace. I am available to do zoom, skype, or facetime appointments. I am also available to do in-person appointments with masks and socially distanced. I have been a private investigator for the last 34 years which has helped me in many ways to prepare myself to do this type of work. I have also had quite a journey through my own work which has helped me to develop my practice in paying it forward. I studied at the University of Sedona Metaphysical College. I have obtained my bachelor's degree and am working on my master's degree. I would love the opportunity to work with kids and their parents. Giving to our children is the most important job we have as parents and outside influencers. I will work with most anyone who has the desire to make change in their lives.


Energy Healer and Reiki Practitioner

60min ~ $60 | Distance Reike $30

Gina is an Energy Healer and Reiki Practitioner. She developed an interest in the spiritual world after beginning to sense those in spirit as a teenager. In 2017, she became a Reiki Master and is trained in the Usui Shiki Ryoho line of Reiki. Additionally, she received certification as a Divine I AM Practitioner through the London College of Spirituality. Through her education, she is not only trained to work on the individual’s energy field but can utilize the planetary energy grids for healing. She most recently completed training as a Karuna Ki Reiki Master, which provides heart-centered reiki healing.

Gina has previous experience as a Yoga Instructor.  She is in the process of completing the 200-hour training to become certified through Yoga Alliance. She has an interest in helping people become present, to develop their intuition, and connect with their Higher Selves/Spiritual Guides/Angels. Although some may call her an “intuitive,” Gina believes every person is intuitive and can learn to develop this skill. When she is not being a single mom of two kids or talking to Spirit, you can find her working on her upcoming book or her current blog,