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Frequently Asked Questions...

Is there research to support Halotherapy?

Who can enjoy the cave?

What to wear during a session in the cave?


What to expect during the session?


What do I do when I arrive?

How many sessions are needed?



Arrival Checklist :

Arrive 15 mins prior to appointment


Ultimate Package

Yes, Halotherapy is backed by 50 years of science. Most research has been done in Europe where the treatment originated. Halotherapy has been well researched in Russia and Eastern Europe. Most of the research has been conducted by Dr. A. V. Chervinskaya, the head of Clinical Research Respiratory Center in St. Petersburg Russia. She works in the field of pulmonology and rehabilitation medicine and has published more than two hundred articles on this topic. Recently, the New England Journal of Medicine published an article on the efficacy of saline salt therapy in cystic fibrosis. They found that long-term saline salt treatment had a positive impact on lung function and reduced pulmonary exacerbations. In addition, they found no negative side effects associated with the therapy. Please see our research articles for more information.

Adults 14 or older, not recommended for cancer patients who are currently experiencing radiation (radiation kills the cells, salt boosts the immune system).

Wear whatever you are comfortable in – yoga pants, jeans.  The salt will not damage your clothes; the salt can be easily brushed off.

The temperature is around 72 degrees.  It is neither hot like a sauna, nor cold.  We do provide snuggly blankets for comfort.

Our salt cave is designed so that you can relax in a calming and tranquil environment. You lie back on a zero gravity chair and experience the halotherapy treatment in a very peaceful and stress-free environment. The room's temperature, humidity, pressure, and salt particles concentration are electronically monitored. The lighting is dim and relaxing music is played overhead. You can close your eyes and meditate or relax and just breathe.

We will also explain the experience to you once you are seated, and answer any questions.

We appreciate no talking in the cave, to be respectful of others. The lighting is dim to encourage relaxation (too dark to read). No food or drink in the cave.  White socks are requested to keep the salted floor clean. No water or electronics, please. The salt is anti-viral, anti-bacterial anti-fungal. While the salt is generating it creates a sterile environment, so no germs can survive.  Throughout the session, our extensive ventilation system constantly clears and cleanses the air,  bringing in fresh filtered air. For those who experience a slight cough (the salt can create a slight tickle in the back of the throat), this is a good sign that the salt therapy is effectively moving the impurities through the cilia. ​

The salt and salt lamps (we have five 250 pound salt lamps) emit negative ions.  The negative ions clear electrical magnetic frequency, calm the nervous system and help connect the body, mind, and soul. This is a great time to unplug and unwind.  Great self-care practice, and stress relieving.

Arrive 15 minutes before appointment. Check-in with the front desk, hang coat, hover phone over QR code in the lobby to complete online waiver form, visit restroom, place shoes in baskets under bench, put white socks on (we have white socks if you need to borrow), set phone on Airplane mode (so no buzzing or ringing), and put phone, purse, keys in locker.

Each person is unique, and it depends upon the severity of the client’s condition and their wellness goals. For respiratory issues, such as asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, bronchitis, sinusitis, and allergies we recommend 2 to 3 times for the first week or 2 to deeply clear and cleanse the  airway, and then cut back to 1 to 2 times once or  twice a week, and then you can determine what type of maintenance program works for you.  We offer cost saving monthly memberships.

You may wish to layer clothes (t-shirt or tank top underneath your outer top), due to the warmth of the mat.

Not recommended for pregnant moms or those with magnetic devices such as pacemakers.

White Socks

Fill in Qr code


Phone on Airplane mode in locker with purse, etc

No food or drinks, or books in the cave

No talking in the cave

Wait to be welcomed into the salt cave


Bring a towel to sit on or to wipe your brow (We sell for $5).  You may wish to wear shorts and a tank top.

For 4 guests, 2 guests enjoy the Heated Biomat with Accoustic Vibrational Mat (in a private room), 2 guests enjoy the  Heated Shiatzu Mats (in another private room), and those 4 guests enjoy a private footbath for their group in a private room, and you all enjoy the salt cave together in the cave.

If you have any additional questions, let us know!

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