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Pink Himalayan Salt

can't wait to see you!

We are thrilled to have you coming to relax at Tranquility Salt Cave! Here are some tips to MAXIMIZE your visit.

tips to prepare for your visit:

clean white socks

If you don't have white socks,  we have them available here for purchase.

phone off

To keep peace inside the cave, we ask that you either put your phone on airplane mode or completely shut it off while inside the salt cave.

cave is 72 degrees

The perfect comfortable temperature will be experienced in the cave! However, we do have blankets for extra comfort in case you need one!

wear comfy clothes

You'll be lying down in zero gravity chairs, so come ready to relax! We suggest nothing too restraining so you can breathe in peacefully the salt particles.

waiver form

All guests will sign a waiver form before entering the salt cave. You'll receive a QR code you can scan with your phone before entering the cave!

arrive 15 min early

During this time, we'll take care of the waiver form and get you prepped. We begin the session right at the hour and once the door is closed, we can't open it again.

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